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Retro Candy Timeline

Perhaps we could say that the fascination with candy, and with chocolate in particular, first occurred in 1502 when Christopher Columbus returned home from his fourth voyage of the “Americas.” Although he was not partial to this bittersweet treat,

Chocolate candy market poised for dynamic growth

Sweet news for the confectionery industry. Chocolate candy sales in the United States are expected to exceed $26 billion for the first time by 2018, up from an estimated $22 billion in sales by the end of 2015, according to new research from Packaged

Some chocolate candy might not be chocolate after all

So if you’re buying candy and want to make sure it is actually some form of chocolate, check the ingredients list: real chocolate will list either one ingredient called “chocolate liquor,” or more likely its two components as separate ingredients called

Even Candy in Moderation Can Be Healthy

If you’re a cookie-and-candy-craver, don’t despair. Sweets can be part of a healthy, lifelong eating pattern. But for the least harm and — don’t forget this — the fullest enjoyment, they should be eaten in moderation.